ICETA 2020-41

 i) Tropical biodiversity assessments and conservation planning under global change; ii) Conservation and management of flagship species; iii) Biodiversity and ecosystem structure, function and services in tropical ecosystems.  Submit your application HERE! Submit your application HERE!


Área cientifica: Ciências Biológicas; Sub área cientifica: Biologia Evolutiva Submeter candidatura AQUI!  

ICETA 2020-39 – Horizon 2020 Project Manager

 Tasks carried out by the Horizon 2020 project manager will include:   Establishing an understanding of CIBIO’s mission, technology, value propositions, ambitions, and quality objectives;   Familiarise oneself with TROPIBIO and ensuring the correct operational records are in place to measure key performance indicators;   Coordinating the administration of TROPIBIO and supervise its support staff;   Support the Project Coordinator…

ICETA 2020-37

Área cientifica: Ciências Biológicas; Sub área cientifica: Evolução e Zoologia; Submeter candidatura AQUI!

ICETA 2020-36

Área científica: Ciências Biológicas; Sub área científica: Ecologia;   Submeter candidatura AQUI!